How I Work - Embleton Psychotherapy
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How I Work

My way of working is influenced by the attachment-based psychoanalytic psychotherapy of John Bowlby (with a splash of existential theory). This means that we would seek to understand your position towards your current issues within the context of your past relationships – looking at the quality and availability of significant relationships, the impact of experiences throughout your life as well as your personal inner-world, self-construct and world-view (how you view yourself and the world around you). Throughout, we would identify patterns or links between present and past as they arise.


Through therapy, we seek to understand more fully and come to terms with the legacy of past experience and make meaning from examining unconscious assumptions, reactions and motivations, piecing together the puzzle of what is troubling you. It’s a creative journey of self-reflection and self-discovery leading to a stronger, more authentic sense of self.


I work with client’s long term, working towards understanding the roots of your current issues, rather then focusing solely on treating the symptoms that they cause.