How I Work - Embleton Psychotherapy
Embleton Psychotherapy is a BACP registered psychotherapist based in Islington, London.
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How I Work

I am an attachment-based psychoanalytic psychotherapist, this means that we would try to understand your position towards your current situation and issues within the context of past relationships and life events that have shaped who you are today. Together, we would consider the quality and availability of relationships throughout your life alongside the impact of significant experiences, your self-construct and world-view and other factors that may be in the mix. Throughout our work together, we would identify patterns or links between present and past as they arise.


My work is also influenced by existential theory, so we might look at how you make meaning from your experiences, your feelings around freedom or mortality and what it means to live with purpose. My work is trauma-informed, meaning that we would consider how traumatic events have impacted your mind,  nervous system, sense of self and the way you relate to other people, if they have happened to you.


Through therapy, we try to understand more fully and come to terms with the legacy of past experiences so that you can integrate them into a narrative of your life story. By understanding what these events, relationships and situations mean to you, and by examining unconscious assumptions, reactions and motivations, we can piece together the puzzle of what is troubling you – helping you to make changes internally and externally as you see fit.


Therapy is a creative journey. I don’t hold all the answers as to what you need – we figure it out together, as trust and understanding deepens.